Twitter/X privacy & adblocking

December 11, 2023 - Reading time: 3 minutes

To start off, I will not call Twitter X. Have you ever thought you could use twitter in a more private way? Well there are a few ways, I'll start with something you can do in your browser.


You may already know what this is, but if you don't I'll explain.
"A free and open source alternative Twitter front-end focused on privacy and performance." - Nitter
Nitter is a frontend for twitter like Piped is for youtube, this will allow you to view tweets without logging in or seeing ads. Twitter will not be able to track you as you will not be using java scripts and be "proxied" through Nitter.


Now this all sounds good, but you might find it annoying having to go on Nitter and search for a tweet you wanted. Well this is once again a day I will praise LibRedirect. LibRedirect is an extension that will turn urls into, well almost any frontend for most services you might want. Simply install it in your browser and activate it for Twitter and you're done, you're now using Nitter when opening Twitter urls.


So this is when we meet an "issue". I want my Twitter feed, if you went to the Nitter github page you might have missed that they have RSS support. Simply find a client, personally I would just use one recommended by PrivacyTools to use or selfhost one like FreshRSS (Personal preference as I can access it anywhere on any device). But do your own research too.

Mobile clients

Ok so if you're still with me, let's look at some mobile clients. There are a few out there, I have personally only used two I like so I'll only mention those (I'm sure there are more good ones out there). Fritter and Squawker are two great android Nitter clients. These will both allow you to view a feed of people you follow (In the client, no account needed). You can import your follower list if you already have a Twitter account, make sure your account is public and you're done. If you wish you can also set Twitter urls to be opened by these clients. Both of these clients can be found on F-Droid

If you do decide to give any of these a try and like them, please consider donation to the developers that put all this work in.

Welp, I think this was pretty much all I wanted to say