Let's look at YouTube again

December 11, 2023 - Reading time: 2 minutes

I made a post a while ago on a YouTube frontend (Piped). I have thought back on it thinking I could make one on clients. So that's what I'll do today. Starting on desktop then mobile.


Alright so FreeTube is pretty much a YouTube desktop app. With FreeTube you will be able to watch YouTube like on any other frontend using Invidious, but all your subscriptions can be saved on your device and not in the cloud. All ads and even sponsor segments are blocked.

Android LibreTube & NewPipe

These are both good clients. They both block ads, allow you to import feeds and make playlists.
with LibreTube you can chose a Piped Instance and log into your account, keeping your feed in the cloud or selfhosted (Optionally).

NewPipe doesn't have any way to do this, it's all stored locally only. They have more than just YouTube support tho, you will be able to use SoundCloud, media.ccc.de, FramaTube and Bandcamp.

I would say give them both a try and see for yourself what you prefer, they are both great options.

IOS Yattee

For once I will mention an IOS alternative. You will spend some time configuring it, but it's a pretty decent YouTube/frontend client.